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Katia Bumba, the founder, tells you about the beginnings of the brand and its evolution

My passion for candles was born when I worked for a renowned interior design brand. I then discovered my interest in decoration, in particular for candles. The choice of colors, shapes and materials reminded me a lot of fashion.So I decided to get into the world of candles. 


When I started creating 1990 Candles, I had no idea how to make candles, especially since there is no specific school to learn this art. I learned a lot by watching candle making videos on YouTube. With perseverance and training, I launched my first collection at the end of 2020. I started by selling my candles on my website, then I gradually opened my first pop-up stores, made collaborations and obtained publications in the press. I also managed to build a community that supports me and with whom I exchange regularly to develop my brand.

Every season we offer a new collection of candles. I like to renew our collections and offer limited edition models, with original and captivating scents, in minimalist but impactful designs. My travels and encounters are my main sources of inspiration, as are social events. For example, my collection of aromatherapy candles was born from the malaise felt during the epidemic that affected us in 2020.

In the long term, my wish is that 1990 Candles becomes an experience, a lifestyle rather than just a brand of candles.

The story of 1990 Candles is mine, but above all yours, because it is thanks to your daily support that I can make my dream come true.”

Katia Bumba fondatrice 1990 candles

“My name is Katia Bumba, founder of the candle brand 1990 Candles. I launched 1990 Candles in 2020 and since then I have been constantly working to develop and innovate our collections.

Before that, I worked for 7 years in the fashion industry, which has a lot of similarities with the world of candles. After my experience in fashion, I felt the need to evolve towards the more peaceful and soothing world of candles. For me, it was a natural transition to a quiet environment that still retains the codes of creativity. Fashion and candles both require creativity, finesse in the choice of materials and colors. As models are dressed in the fashion world, I dress my candles with care, carefully choosing scents and wax.


The brand

Welcome to the world of 1990 CANDLES, a brand of vegan and artisanal candles. Carefully made in France, our candles are the result of authentic know-how and our passion for creating unique olfactory experiences.

At 1990 Candles, the quality of our products is paramount. Each candle is painstakingly crafted by hand, using natural ingredients such as soy wax. We pay particular attention to the scents we use, in order to offer you an exceptional olfactory experience and transport you to a world of well-being and relaxation.

Our permanent collections are carefully curated to suit all tastes and moods. Whether you're looking for a candle with sweet, soothing scents to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, or want to add a touch of sophistication with more intense scents in your bedroom, we have the perfect candle for every occasion.

In addition to our permanent collections, we also offer limited editions for candle enthusiasts looking for unique and exclusive pieces. These limited editions highlight original scents and captivating designs, to allow you to create an even more special atmosphere in your interior.

At 1990 Candles we believe in sustainability and we encourage our customers to recycle and reuse our candles. Once the candle is consumed, you can transform it into a decorative object or a storage jar. Each candle tells a story, and when you buy one, you begin your own journey.

Thank you for trusting 1990 Candles to illuminate your moments of relaxation, well-being and ambiance creation. Join us on this fragrant adventure and let our candles light your way.

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